Once you have established yourself amongst family and friends, and have received some excellent feedback from your online DJ lessons tutor, it might be time to start thinking about publishing your music.

There are multiple ways you can put your compositions out in public. Many new DJs are keen to get their music heard, so will upload their music to MP3 libraries, where the public can listen to and sample their creations.

How to Earn Money From Your Music

A lot creative people who are wanting to experiment with an income from their music are able to release fee for service products via platforms such as Fiverr for customers who need music for marketing or other projects.

Some ambitious DJs start YouTube channels, featuring their music, and also send their MP3s to radio stations (like Triple J in Australia) in order to have their music heard by a wider audience. If you can get your music heard by enough people, and in demand, then you may find yourself being invited to perform at private parties and functions, and later music events.

Working With Music Agencies To Book Live DJ Performances

Some DJs work with music agencies. A music agency will recommend you to certain venues, and takes a percentage of your booking. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the music agency such as payment and what sort of commission they take for representing you.

There are a variety of ways of becoming popular, and there are ways to be able to sell your music. There is a glut of trance, electronica and dub-step type music on the market, so it forces a new DJ to become highly creative and innovative, in order to stand ahead of the competition.

With the increase in competition, the industry has responded by developing newer technologies such as hardware and software to compose and create music, and it is easier to learn how to perform DJ music with these tools. It leads subsequently to better quality, and when a DJ has found a tribe of fans, they will be highly in demand by that particular group. It pays to become unique and not just conform to highly popular standards, but to generate highly original yet pleasing compositions.

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