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Ableton Live Beginner Tips

March 31, 2019

Setting Up A Home Studio If you are ready to graduate beyond using platforms such as Logic Pro X (which is a perfect beginner platform) and want to branch out into more sophisticated music composition, as well as live performance,Read More

How to Publish Your Music

March 31, 2019

Once you have established yourself amongst family and friends, and have received some excellent feedback from your online DJ lessons tutor, it might be time to start thinking about publishing your music. There are multiple ways you can put yourRead More

Why Logic Pro X is an Amazing Way to Write Music

March 31, 2019

Logic Pro X is Beginner Friendly Logic Pro X is an incredible DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. Logic Pro X is beginner friendly, and has less of a learning curve to it than previous versions of Logic Pro. More thoughtRead More

How to Become a DJ

March 31, 2019

A Brief History of DJs Disc jockeys started when the first radio broadcasts happened in 1906. The radio stations would play popular music, which became part of the culture of the time. The first DJ live show was in 1943,Read More

Things You Need To Know For Ableton Lessons

March 27, 2019

Ableton is a powerful DJ tool. It was created just prior to 2000. It is integrative environment for DJs using a computer and software interface. A side instrument to the Ableton Live environment is the Ableton Push Deck. It looksRead More