Setting Up A Home Studio

If you are ready to graduate beyond using platforms such as Logic Pro X (which is a perfect beginner platform) and want to branch out into more sophisticated music composition, as well as live performance, it may be time to invest in setting up a home studio.

A home studio contains a number of different items, including software to integrate and record all of the inputs into a project composition. A good computer that is reliable, as well as some external drives to keep additional media files is crucial to begin with.

Having a dedicated space in your home is also useful if you wish to remain undisturbed while you work on creating your compositions. It is important as a beginner to be able to focus and persist in concentration for long periods of time while you are learning how to use DAWs, and studio recording software in order to fully master it.

The return on investment in terms of time dedicated, and patience in creating quality music cannot be understated. For those who truly love music, and desire to be able to perform live, or publish their music to a wider audience, having a dedicated studio space will save you lots of time, and missed opportunities. You will also be more likely to not procrastinate, and start to get tracks down, and finish projects.

Equipment for a Home Studio

Good Digital Audio Workstation software, such as Ableton Live, or Logic Pro X is important, as these are both good quality platforms, and you are able to purchase online lessons for these, enabling you to get a head start on making music.

A lot of people after they have purchased a good quality computer (either Windows based or Mac depending on the DAW), will also invest in good quality microphones, speakers and headphones. Audio interface equipment can be the make or break of your music career, as poor speaker quality can severely impact your enthusiasm if what you have recorded plays back terribly.

Good quality speakers, or other audio equipment is reasonably priced and is an essential part of your home studio equipment.

Controllers for DAW

Ableton make the Push Deck for interfacing with its Live software, and it makes using the package far more intuitive and satisfactory experience. There are other types of equipment that interface with music recording software packages, and these include hardware synthesisers, MIDI controllers, electronic recording instruments, and turntables. Hooking up these types of hardware to the computer is somewhat technical, so online Ableton or Logic Pro X lessons are important to help you gain some ground in understanding.

Online DJ Lessons

Online DJ lessons are essential to be able to gain some serious confidence in starting a music composition hobby which may lead to a serious career. A professional tutor can give you the edge over reading books, or simply following YouTube tutorials. You can gain a personalised experience, but still in the comfort of your own home, and with a tutor personally present via the Internet.

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