Ableton is a powerful DJ tool. It was created just prior to 2000. It is integrative environment for DJs using a computer and software interface. A side instrument to the Ableton Live environment is the Ableton Push Deck. It looks like a flat panel with a variety of keys that light up, and connects to the software platform.

Ableton was originally a simple loop arrangement tool but then expanded beyond that included a variety of other features. Ableton was designed as a live performance tool, as well as a recording and publishing tool for music.

Unique Aspects of Ableton

Ableton offers a unique work flow for the production of music. DJs appreciated the session view, and live view interfaces as they offered an entirely different way to standard DJ performance and recording software and equipment than previously used. It was quickly uptaken as a popular set up for many DJs.

What Is Needed to Set Up For Ableton Lessons

For a full Ableton platform, it is worthwhile to invest in a number of different pieces of equipment and software. The Push Deck is almost essential, as it works beautifully as an interface and is designed to work in an intuitive way with the Ableton software package. The benefits of an Ableton equipment package are that it is extremely portable.

A computer is needed to run the Ableton software (a lot of DJs use Apple computers) and compatibility is suitable for either Mac or Windows. The Push Deck (or controller) is recommended for using with the Ableton DJ Music composition and performance software, however it is not mandatory. The other piece of hardware needed is an audio interface (input/output).

The Push Controller instrument is around $900 USD, and the Ableton Live software package is around $900 USD. Packages can be purchased. This will be an important consideration when you are investing in your DJ equipment. A computer that is able to run your software (a laptop is preferable if you are aiming to perform live) and the audio input and output will depend on your venue. Around another $1500 minimum will obtain some basic computer hardware and very basic audio interface equipment.

Budgeting for Ableton Lessons

When you are setting up your DJ equipment, ensure that you set aside some of your budget for lessons to ensure that you are competent and confident in using all the tools you have purchased in order to become an effective music composer.

DJ online lessons are convenient, because they help you to be able to focus, and are provided in the comfort and security of your own home. Ableton Live lessons given over the Internet via video conferencing platforms such as Skype are easy to set up and also allows you to leave your equipment fully intact, and you don’t have to worry about getting confused or confounded by having to set up all of the software.

Having DJ lessons are really useful for people who desire to break into the world of creating live performance music such as electronica, dubstep, mash-ups, looped remixes of popular songs, and also trance music. Live performance shows, once a person has become established is a great career, as you are creating music, just using different instruments.

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