Ableton Live lessons/course

Producer makes a music on professional production controller with push button pads

Ableton Live lessons/course

  • Session 1: Ableton Live Intro – creating drums
  • Session 2: Creating baselines & melodies with MIDI
  • Session 3: Sampling loops & warping / time stretching and remixing
  • Session 4: Mixer & mixing techniques
  • Session 5: EQ & filters
  • Session 6: VST plugins 
  • Session 6: Compression, limiting & dynamics processors
  • Session 7: Reverb, delay & other effects
  • Session 8: Subtractive synthesis
  • Session 9: Arranging
  • Session 10: Mixing and mastering your track 

By the end of this course, you will be able to use every feature of Ableton live with confidence. This will allow you to quickly and easily write, edit, mix and produce great music that sounds professional, polished and impressive.

Ableton Live lessons 

2 hour lesson for $120. This lesson can either be held in person or online.

In this session you will be familiarised with the basics of Ableton, creating drum patterns, the browser, arrangement, automation, FX and anything else you need to know. 

I can also make a tailor made package to suit your needs whether it’s for a Live Dj performance, Finishing a track or mixing and mastering.

20 hour course for $950 which consists of 5 x 4 hour sessions or 10 x 2 hour sessions. These lessons can either be held in person or online.

Feel free to call me to discuss further.

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